I don’t want to push my luck, but some of the things that have been going on the blink, have decided to fix them selves or been fixed.

I took the sewing machine to bits and, having fiddled with this and that and given it a dose of oil,  put it back together again and hey presto. Phew what a relief. Actually I think the salt wind had just got to it, corrodes everything here, incredibly destructive, but I’m very glad to have my machine back, it gets a lot of use.

My mobile, while not working well, does at least allow me to speak to people, albeit through a shower of static noise.

My daughter’s mobile decided to charge and her mp3 player, while not working properly yet, is showing signs of life.

I received an email from a friend to say she was also experiencing techno revolt, computers doing their own thing and phones not working, it’s nice to know it isn’t just me.

I was using the Internet in the school the other day, the young woman who works there, switched off the computer she had been using and left. Five minutes later the only other person there, switched off the computer he was using, which is a bit of a slow old donkey (there are only 2 working computers, out of 10 in the school at the moment) and left. A few minutes later a young man arrived, turned on the 1st computer, nothing, he fiddled with this and that but definitely nothing, I helpfully said it had been working, to which he replied with feeling, that it wasn’t now. I said that someone had been using the 2nd computer, he went to try that and got a screen in English, which he couldn’t understand, asking him if he wanted to do this, or that Y/N. He asked my help, I was rather reluctant to touch anything as I still thought I might be glowing or something. I told him to press this, then that, this resulted in miles and miles of start  up  speak in English flowing up the screen. He waited, and waited, and waited. Finally the machine stopped and asked for a password, I couldn’t help him there, so he went of to find someone who could. Coming back with the school director, they both looked at the first computer and found the wire had come off the switch and needed soldering back, the director gave the young man the password for the older computer and went away again. He turned to me and said “At last, I only want to send a quick email”. We nodded and smiled at each other in a gesture of solidarity in the face of technology and he typed away, only to turn to me a few minutes later to ask if I knew why the mouse wasn’t working! Not good for him, but at least, like I said it’s nice to know it’s not just me. Sun spots perhaps?

©Claire Pattison Valente 2009