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I fell down a hole the other day, I wasn’t drunk or anything close, just out with the dogs on the dunes. I saw this hole that a conscientious house builder had dug right in the middle of the well trodden path through the vetch like plants that grow on the dunes, “That’s a nice place to dig a hole” I thought,”Just placed for some poor sod to fall in.” I then fell in it. Well  it wasn’t quite as stupid as that, dog Benjy  did have something to do with it, well that’s my excuse anyway. I have to put Benjy on the lead as we approach the houses, he is likely to have a go at anyone he views as dangerous, that covers just about everyone, he walks fine to a point and then pulls like mad, as though he’s desperate to get back to the house. He pulled really hard, just as I was at the side of the hole, I thought I was far enough to the side but the sand gave way and I rather slowly descended into the very deep hole, leaving me with one leg out of the hole, my knee level with my ear. In this position it was a bit difficult to move, let alone get out, I had to use Benjy as a rescue dog, getting him to pull me out of the hole, which being the hero that he is, he happily obliged, or could it be that  he was just pulling as usual, unaware that I was up to my chest in a pit. The most embarrassing thing for me was seeing our neighbourhood alcoholic standing outside her house, staring at me. I was now laughing to myself so she probably thought I was in the same state as she usually is, or maybe she was so pickled she couldn’t tell what she was seeing, who knows.

Our son has been going in for some interesting artwork lately, unfortunately I didn’t get photos. First he decided to paint Benjy, very red, all over the poor dogs side. Benjy being so loving of any attention that even being painted and then sprayed with a virtually a whole can of WD40 (light oil for car and bike) hasn’t put him off the lad, I can well imagine he would have just sat there, looking slightly pained, he certainly didn’t make any fuss or I would have heard. Neu came home a while later and momentarily thought Benjy was bleeding. Then one of our friends came rushing in looking upset and said “Oh my god!!!!! have you seen Benjy, he’s been attacked!!!!!!!” poor girl, she was really upset for him (it was getting towards dark and so less obvious that it was paint, I’m afraid that when Neu had told me earlier, I was too busy to go and look, I assumed it was just a dab of paint, it was in fact the whole of Benjy’s side). I thought I’d better go and wash him then, it took some time to get it all out.

After that our son decided to paint some of the plants blue, and very attractive they look too. Then he got hold of one of his sister’s lipsticks, she said it was one she didn’t like very much, it was VERY pink, it was just as well she didn’t like it because he used it to paint Baloo’s nose, our chocolate Labrador’s usually chocolate nose was now a shocking pearlised pink, amazing that he too just sat there.


Pirate Benjy

Benjy received a bit more attention from our son, an eye patch, Baloo looked quite jealous as Benjy sat there, apparently quite proud of his gift.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2009