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We are back in London for a family and friend visit. Arriving on the 28th of December, we were just in time for the snow. Having left Brazil in temperatures around the 35 degree mark, the cold was a bit of a shock, I spent the first three days avoiding going out of the house at all costs.P1040062
My youngest son has never seen snow, I cant remember when I last saw snow of any consequence, and so when the snow arrived in London, we went out onto Primrose Hill to make the most of it (I had become a little more aclimatised).
Two of my boys had a snow ball fight and I took the photos. We got progressively colder, as Primrose Hill got whiter and whiter, it really did look beautiful, truly a winter wonderland. My son kept saying he would have to tell daddy, daddy has never seen snow either.

Primrose Hill, London ©Claire Pattison Valente 2010.

Primrose Hill, London ©Claire Pattison Valente 2010.

As usual the papers have been full of how we are “suffering” from the “terrible weather”, Oh for gods sake, how ridiculous, it is the winter and pretty mild compared to some places, I’m just grateful to have a change in the weather, living in constant sun can get a bit boring after a while, though I really don’t miss the drizzle, and wont complain when I am back in the sun again, having had my dose of winter weather.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2010