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This beautiful butterfly came in the house one evening and just begged to have its photo taken. We see these a lot, but not knowing about butterflies, I have no idea what type it is, though it does look very familar. Sometimes we see these way out at sea when we are fishing, it always amazes me that something so fragile, can and does brave the water. Are they coming from somewhere? not likely as there is nothing between us and Africa (though I know that some butterflies do migrate great distances) or are they simply lost? I don’t know the answer, if you do, please let me know.




This moth (well I assume its a moth as they fly about at night) has a wing span as wide as my hand span, 22cm.

I love the blue of this flower, late afternoon the flower changes to a deep pink. There is another plant here that has similar flowers but they are always pink, the people here call it Salsa, I’m told this is another type. It looks like what in England we call Morning Glory, though I’m not sure the leaves are the same. Here it is growing up one of our coconut trees.

Bamboo orchid

This is a bamboo orchid. I took the photo at night with only the outside light illuminating it.

I’ve saved the best for last. My son’s drawing of a cat that’s happy because it has a saucepan full of food, and very happy he looks too.

Happy cat

Happy cat

I hope they make you smile too.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2010