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Every year in Prainha the villagers celebrate the day of São Pedro, the patron saint of fishermen. After the service, a fire rocket heralds the start of the procession which takes the Saint down through the village to the beach, where the fishermen are waiting, their jangadas ready to put to sea.
When the saint has been carefully secured to one of the boats, he is carried out to sea accompanied by a flotilla of jangadas, crowded with people, many of whom only ever go to sea on the saint’s day. The day is seen as being both important for the blessings and great fun.
For many years in Prainha, the saint’s day has been celebrated on the Sunday closest to the actual day, but this year it was decided at the last moment to hold the procession on the correct day. A number of fishermen had not yet returned from sea, and therefore the procession was smaller than usual.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2010