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Off to the North West, about an hours walk from our house, is a high dune of pale orange sand. From the top of that dune opens up a spectacular 360° view, with the vast Atlantic ocean on one side, let your eyes follow the Atlantic horizon round to Canto Verde nestled on the coast line in the distance, beyond which are the giant wind turbines which now dotted along the whole North Eastern coast line. To bring you round to the other half of the view, continue on to the rolling white dunes contrasting with the deep green of the forest which stretches to the horizon, with only a few low level hills to break the line of the earths curve.

The big dune with Canto Verde in the background

The big dune with Canto Verde in the background

Also at the top of this dune, if you are lucky or know where to look, you will come across an amazing deep dip in the sand. The ever present wind shifts the sand, moulding and reforming the shape constantly, so it’s always there but never the same.
I love to visit this place, and after the walk in the very early hours of the morning, or the hot afternoon sun, there is always an element of anticipation as we climb to the top, wondering what form the hole will take on this day, some times the sides are almost vertical, making you catch your breath for fear of falling, at other times the whole shape becomes more elongated and slightly more gentle, but it is never, never a disappointment.
I find a deep sense of peace at this spot, other than us the only sound is of the wind and the occasional bird song. It is a joy to fill your lungs, stretch your eyes and revel in so much space. As you descend into the dip, all sound ceases, a perfect place for quiet reflection. And if you have a sand board it’s also GREAT FUN !

©Claire Pattison Valente 2010