We are getting ready for a trip back to visit family and friends in London. My mother emailed me and said the sky was blue and clear there, she asked if I had been looking forward to grey skies and drizzle. At the time I received that email it was pouring down with rain here, the sky was as grey as could be, we had just had to close the window because it had got that cold (ok yes I know I’m still only in shorts and a T-shirt but for here it was cold) and there was a terrific wind.
We are in the rainy season again and boy have we been having some rain. Thankfully the biggest downpours happen at night when we are safely tucked up in bed. I am usually awakened by the tiniest of drops that shower down through the tiled roof. If that doesn’t wake me then the thunder is bound too, when it goes off directly over head it really impresses on me just how small and insignificant we are, the sound overwhelms everything, you can feel the force of it in your chest and your ears buzz, it’s wonderfully, terrifyingly exciting.
The plus side of all the rain is the explosion in plant growth. We have a tall clump of bamboo in the garden and I swear I can hear it growing. Verdant green is everywhere with splashes of glorious discordant colours as bushes put out a carnival of flowers, the sand dunes, a few months back parched and bleached white, are now swathed in green as small plants pop up from nowhere.
It may be grey, drizzly and windy here, but it does it in Brazilian style and the sun is never hidden for long.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2011