People have been asking after Neu, so a quick update;
Neu started back on full dialysis a couple of weeks back and is beginning to look and feel better. Obviously the last few months have taken a toll on him, the infection picked up during the first surgery, the operation to remove the infected catheter, the long weeks without dialysis while he healed from that surgery, the two canceled operations, then the 2nd surgery to insert the new catheter and heal from that, the strain definitely showed. Neu became very thin (his weight dropped to 64 kilos, at least 10 kilos below his normal weight) and he felt pretty ghastly, with no energy whatsoever but, at least this time he knew that once he started full dialysis again he would soon feel the benefit. With encouragement he managed to hold onto that idea and it saw him through.
It has taken a little longer for him to begin to pick up than either of us had hoped but the signs are definitely good and while he still has to remember not to overdo it, he is getting his spirit back and every day sees an improvement now.
Peritoneal dialysis has definitely been the right treatment choice for Neu, it was a shame he got the infection but that was not due to the system of dialysis, rather a failure of basic hygiene in the hospital were the surgery was carried out. We later learned that 3 other dialysis patients had also picked up the same infection in the same hospital, hence the clinic made alternative arrangements and Neu’s subsequent surgery was in a different (and very posh) private hospital, for which we were very grateful that we didn’t have to pay, the government covering the costs. It’s a shame not all hospitals are to that standard.
I hope Neu will feel strong enough for our traditional Christmas day sail, I’m sure getting back out on the water is his New Year resolution for 2013.
Thank you for all your good wishes, they’ve helped more than you can possibly know.

©Claire Pattison Valente 2012