A big thank you to all who regularly read my blog, indeed to all who ever read my blog, it always surprises me that anybody other than my Mum would want to, so thank you.

Also thank you for all your support and comments throughout what has undoubtedly been a challenging year, as I’ve said in a previous post you really have helped and I’m pleased to say that 2012 is ending on a more positive note.

Neu’s health continues to improve, we made it out for a sail on Christmas day, an achievement that was of tremendous significance to us both and a goal Neu had been determined to reach. It was a bit rough for our young son who was out for his first voyage, his fear as we got drenched getting through the breakers was understandable but he brightened when he realised the worst was over, for his sake the trip was short but even so he experienced wobbly legs (much to his amusement) when we reached the shore. It is incredible to think that at 9, the age our son will reach  on his next birthday, Neu went on his first deep sea fishing trip, a voyage of 3 days duration way beyond the sight of land with nothing in the way of safety equipment, not even a life jacket. Starting that early is certainly why the sea is in Neu’s blood but its not something I would consider permitting our son to do for a good while yet, though I do hope that in time he will learn all that Neu has to teach him about fishing and the sea, the fishermans knowledge is a very precious thing and needs to be past on to future generations.

Taking our son on a Christmas day sail

Taking our son on a Christmas day sail

The campaign by the artisanal lobster fishermen continues, the leaders tell me there has as of yet been no official response from government but things are  happening behind the scenes so to speak and there are actions planned for early next year, as soon as there is any definite news, I will report it here.

I have been busy working on some  illustrations, work I love and I hope to have more of, its so important to love the work you do and do the work you love and I am so blessed to be in the situation where I can be creative in a range of activities on a daily basis, it may not make me financially rich but emotionally it makes my heart sing and that’s something you can’t buy.

I feel incredibly positive about the coming year and would like to wish you all health, adventure, love and laughter in 2013.
Blessed be
Claire x

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