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My last post was about taking my dogs to be spayed and today it is with great sadness that I tell you that our dog Zia died at home later that same day.

Big baby Zia

Big baby Zia

Her death was totally unexpected and especially hard as we were trying to do the right thing by having her spayed but it is a consolation that her death was relatively quick and that we were all with her, offering her what comfort we could. When I spoke to the vet he said that from her symptoms it sounded like she died from heart failure, possibly caused by an adverse reaction to the anesthetic or from an underlying problem that we were unaware of.

Our dog Totti would often pick on Zia, becoming quite cross with her when they were playing and although I never saw Totti actually bite her, Zia would often end up cowering and crying only to then go after Totti again showing a big display of subservience, to which Totti would respond with disdain followed by giving her a quick lick, peace would be restored.

When Zia died, Totti was distraught and pulled at Zia’s collar trying to raise her from the floor and repeatedly pawing at her, crying and whimpering and then reacting really aggressively towards our dog Billy when he came to see. The other dogs kept their distance and Cayla (Zia’s sister) refused to come into the house at all.

Zia was the baby of our bunch, she always wanted the most attention, she was the one we’d find on the sofa or the beds even though she knew it wasn’t allowed, she was the one who’d howl if we left them and the one who made the most fuss when we returned. Zia would bark at anything, often running around the house barking at passing birds, or repeatedly barking at the vultures who sometimes perch on the lamp posts, of course her barking set the others off until they realised that actually there was nothing that needed their attention. The house is very much quieter without her

Neu was not brought up to have feelings for animals, they were just there but didn’t require much care, let alone love. Since he has been with me, Neu has learnt the great joy that loving an animal can bring into your life, he has learned to care and to love them and consequently he now suffers when they die but he told me the other day that his life is now very much richer for having got in touch with his compassion and so although we all feel Zia’s loss and many tears have been shed, we are grateful for the joy she brought us and the love she gave.

A blessed journey on Zia xxx