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Another year comes to its close and a busy year it’s been, some good times and some not so good, such is life.

I don’t want to bore you all with a run down of the year but for those who missed it, our big news is that Neu is finally on the kidney transplant list, we now are waiting for the call which could come at any time, any day. We have been told the wait shouldn’t be too long as he is highly compatible but no one can say when the call will come, if it will be days, weeks, months or more and so we wait. Many thanks to all of you who have wished us well on this journey, it really does help knowing so many people care.

Christmas and New Year here always feels odd to me, the weather is just all wrong for a start, but there is a plus side to baking hot days and the sea is definitely one of them, nothing like a walk on the white sand and a cooling dip in the water, it still doesn’t feel like Christmas but we have fun all the same.

Right now it is incredibly hot here and our fruit trees are all putting out a splendid crop, perhaps they are feeling stressed from the lack of rain, watering with a hose keeps them going but is not the same as several weeks of heavy downpours, something we have not had for far too long.

The cashew tree has never given us so much fruit, nor the siriguela and our mango tree is swathed in small fruits, whether they will reach maturity remains to be seen. The mulberry bush is also fruiting, small taste bombs of deliciousness, we have taken cuttings from the main plant and hopefully they will take, the more of those fruits we have the better. Neu bought me a guava for Christmas, it will be some time before it produces fruit but as it’s a grafted type, it should produce large fruits in a few years time.

I have enjoyed painting some of the fruits from our garden, an ongoing project to capture the fruits of the region.


Acerola – Watercolour

Guava - Watercolour

Guava – Watercolour


Siriguela – Watercolour

The first cashew

The first cashew – Watercolour

It just remains for me to wish you all a prosperous New Year and I hope to see you (at least via this blog) in 2015.

All original artwork © Claire Pattison Valente 2014.