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All our dogs have their prefered sleeping place, some are a little different but obviously comfortable to them, there is:


Xadie, who likes one particular plastic chair


Totti, who loves a hammock


Billy, who thinks a jigsaw puzzle makes a good mat


Cayla, who obviously doesn’t want to be left behind and likes this hold-all.

Both our other dogs are happy on the floor, for Star anywhere will do

StarSkahpolo prefers to be on, or as near as is possible, my feet. He’s there when I’m

Doing the washing up with Skahpolo

Doing the washing up

cooking with skahpolo

preparing dinner

working at the computer

working at the computer

sawing a bit of wood

sawing a bit of wood

putting up a fence

putting up a fence

He also likes to wake me up nice and early for a cuddle, he doesn’t exactly get on the bed, just enough that I can’t ignore him.

Do your dog’s have their favourite funny sleeping places? I’d love to know.