A few years back my friend Elphége from France, came to stay for a few months to create a film about Prainha, her film demonstrates both the lifestyle and the difficulties.

Elphége has been showing the film at festivals and so she has only just been able to release it onto the internet. In the intervening time, some things have changed in Prainha. Unfortunately the situation with the lobster is even worse than it was when the filming was being done and last years lobster season was a complete disaster, the lobster having simply vanished. Various hypothesis exist as to why but it is probably down to a combination of several factors, including over fishing and climate change.

Please watch the film, it is beautifully made and gives a good idea of what life is really like for the people who live here.

There are English subtitles, if they don’t come up automatically click on the CC bottom left of the video viewer.

In memory of Seu Pilé