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I’ve made a little change to the layout of my blog.

Much as I liked my previous background, I always felt the yellow and green of my photoshoped coconut tree (that’s what it was in case you couldn’t tell) made reading the text a little difficult.

I hope you like the new background, I’m not a hundred percent happy with it but lost the will to fiddle with it any more, it all takes so long. It will have to do for now but let me know what you think please.

The background is a paler version of this photo, which if you’re being generous looks a bit like a fish 🙂

Fish cloud

Fish cloud

A brief update on Neu:

Neu is slowly recovering from the ordeal of the last two months. Obviously such a serious infection, the subsequent surgery and follow on treatment, the stay in hospital and now the hemodialysis have all taken their toll on him, both mentally and physically.

He lost about 10 kg (that’s just over a stone and I think he gave it all to me) and was becoming concerned that he didn’t seem able to regain it. His weight is now creeping back up again (mine is not creeping down unfortunately) so hopefully he will get back to his ideal weight of 74 kg soon, it makes a difference to his dialysis and so has an added importance to him.

Neu is finding the hemodialysis hard, the journeys into Fortaleza three times a week make for long and tiring days and the four hour long sessions of dialysis are both a shock to his system and boring to undertake. Neu leaves the dialysis clinic feeling exhausted and often has to sleep on the way home but (possibly partly to do with him being so underweight) he never feels that he has any energy and even a short walk sets his heart pounding.

He has also noticed that his eye sight has deteriorated dramatically, especially at night when he is now almost blind. Eye sight problems are common with kidney failure but night blindness can have many causes and early treatment is important to avoid it becoming a permanent problem. Sadly the place I was recommended to get Neu tested at charges a minimum fee of R$350.00 (because he doesn’t have a health plan) so he will have to take his chances in the public system, if we can find out how to get him seen. I assume his transplant doctor can order an eye test at the hospital but we won’t see her again until September. Meanwhile he will go for an ordinary eye test to see if the cause is simply from being long-sighted and can be corrected with glasses.

He has been very depressed, which is understandable after what he’s been through. The depression has been aggravated by him being unable to go fishing and his fears about his eyesight but thankfully his usual tranquil self seems to be returning to the fore and next week we are due to talk to the doctor about Neu going back to Peritoneal dialysis. If he gets the go ahead (and Neu is very much hoping he will) it’s not something that will happen overnight as he will need surgery to insert a new catheter, then that will have to heal and of course it all takes time to arrange etc but it does give him the hope that he will be able to return to fishing before too long.

Of course what would be even better would be for Neu to receive a transplant, he needs to get a little stronger before he could undergo that kind of surgery but with a bit of luck things will all come together, let’s hope so, a new kidney would give him a new lease of life and he certainly deserves it.