Two men, bicycles and a dream to improve environmental awareness in Brazil.

Luiz Henrique Costa Arruda (Biologist post graduate in environmental education)  and Marcio Francisco Martins (Geography teacher and photographer) have literally got on their bikes to peddle from the north to the south of Brazil, covering 15 states, visiting 3 cities within each state and 1 school within each city. This is a huge project involving distances that are hard for the average European to get their head around, Brazil is one hell of a big country.

The following is a rough translation from their web site: The Desbikelando project aims to bring environmental information and education to 45 schools in Brazil. In advance, the selected schools choose to work on one recreational activity from amongst a list of twenty. These activities have been developed by the Desbikelando team to allow the students of each school to be involved in an activity which is relevant to the reality of their lives. This familiarity allows students to be fully immersed into the problematic context presented. Each activity seeks to work with the perception of the young people about the place and environment where they live, providing and encouraging students to search for ideas and alternatives for improving their school, neighbourhood or community.

For those of you who understand Portuguese their web site can be found by clicking here

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a bit out of the communication loop in Prainha (communication has never been a village strong point) and my son, being my son, didn’t bother to tell me about Desbikelando’s visit until the last day (communications from school are not his strong point either) when I was unable to go and see their work at the school. Sadly I was also unable to attend the evening presentation of the film projects that our son and his school friends had participated in with the guys from Desbikelando, shame that but the links to the films are below.

I wish Luiz and Marcio all the best, fantastic to see individuals doing something positive. Well done guys.

The films they made with the children can be seen here. They are all in Portuguese. Click on the links below for more.