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The reverberation came down through the house, played the strings of my hammock, passed through my body as if it was water and set the glass in the windows buzzing.
A violent flash, another deafening, booming rumble, dropped to the earth.

I lay in the early morning half-light listening to the rain that beat furiously on the roof, trying to decide if I was cold enough to warrant the effort of getting up and finding another cover, or whether I should just enjoy feeling cold, which is after all a rare thing here.

I got up, checked that Neu and my son, who amazingly both slept on, were each covered over (when it rains heavily, it rains in the house as well as outside it). I reassured one of the dogs who was shaking in the kitchen. Fed the cats who, on seeing me up, began yowling their need for an early breakfast. Found my self another cover and went back to rock in my hammock, relishing the drama that continued in the skies above us.

This rainy season is providing us with spectacular thunder and lightning shows and, thankfully, a great deal of rain. It is something to behold as the rain comes down in sheets and the thunder rolls around the sky, giving the impression that we are in a very large Timpani drum. I made a short live feed video which you can see by clicking here (or this link to the blogs Facebook page and checking the videos, please give a like while you’re there 😘) The video recorder on my phone isn’t up to fully recording the power of the decibels being unleashed but it gives a pretty good idea of the sort of storms we get.

The North East region of Brazil has experienced drought conditions for the last 5 years and while a few reservoirs are now full or back to an acceptable level, the vast majority remain under 30% capacity, so there is still some way to go before we are out of the woods as the following two images from Portal Hidrológico Do Ceará show.

Reservoir levels, Ceará. January 2017

Reservoir levels, Ceará 30 March 2017

Thankfully the local lagoons, while not yet full are certainly at a more acceptable level, as seen in the following two photographs of Lagoa Jardim, taken 3 months apart.

Lagoa Jardim. 04.01.2017

Lagoa Jardim 29.03.2017

A few short weeks ago the forest was mostly a tangle of branches and twigs virtually devoid of leaves, except for those that created a rich and varied brown carpet on the floor. Now, after a relatively short spell of rain, there is a riot of colour, with the luxuriant greens of the leaves highlighted by the colours of fruits and flowers. Click on any image to enlarge the gallery.

The newly greened forest is alive with buzzing, singing, chirping and calling of wildlife that is more often heard than seen. Sometimes it is suddenly seen having not been heard at all. As was this small (about 50cm long) red-tailed boa constrictor that was quietly resting on a branch in among the berries that my friend and I were about to pick. It made us both jump when we realised it was there but it didn’t seem bothered by us, so we picked the fruit and then left it in peace. One wonders how many other creatures remain both silent and unseen in the depths of the green forest!

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