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Lone rider at sunset


2 thoughts on “Lone rider at sunset”

  1. Martin Smith said:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks tranquil and very sandy. I have enjoyed your site. I am coming from a “growing fruit and veg in a tropical climate” viewpoint. Your info about that aspect is particularly helpful. Thankyou.


    • Claire Pattison Valente said:

      Thank you Martin, glad you’ve enjoyed the site. Yes it is about as sandy as you can possibly get here, there is no “soil” to speak of but many plants have obviously developed for these conditions and even those that you wouldn’t associate with such an environment can grow suprisingly well provided they get enough water. I’m a hit and miss gardener I’m afraid, it’s all very much trail and error but if you have any questions please ask, who knows I might just know the answer. Claire


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